We welcome you in a farmhouse built at the end of the 1800s, immersed in the hills that has the typical landscape of the Monferrato countryside. We are in the "little" Monferrato, lesser known and more discreet, where the country is the real one, where the days slide slowly to return all the time the city steals. We've decided to create a  reality that lives as naturally as possible in this colorful background and we want to make sure you find what you are looking for.


What's in:

- a cozy apartment with a large garden

- so quiet environment

- there are dogs, cats, hens, and small birds of prey, maggots and merlons and some rabbits living steadily inside and around the house

- yellow forsythia and pink almond in March

- a full of white and blue Iris in April

- rose's intense sent in May

- smell of hay and some dry flower in June, to introduce the Summer

- vegetables of the garden, as they grow up and how many come, in July and August

- figs in September

- wine tastes in October

- an orange and yellow landscape in Autumn

- snowflakes and the silence of nature in Winter

-SEEDCROSSING, leave a seed and take one for you, and tell us why you choose them. If you want you can plant one here and we'll remember you smiling at him.


What's not:

- there are no herbicide or poisons, neither in the gravel nor on the grass: where life triumphs is a joy, even when it messes up

- you will not find the ever-cut grass, we like it a little high, full of spontaneous flowers, poppies and daisies to attract butterflies and crickets, a soft mantle to welcome your dog's races

- there is no swimming pool, we think that it is better to have a swim in a river or in the sea

- there is no barbecue area, we promote the respect of every creature and a grill would be inconsistent

- there is no telephone, we would have had to break down the trees and we would never be forgiven

- there is not always the same panorama: nature awakens, sleeps, imposes, buzzes and revives and we let it go

- there is no problem if you want to invite friends to spend some time with you from us, share the beauty 

- there are no other rules except respect for everything and everyone

Pet and Breakfast di Antonella Cesareo

Strada Zonchetto Crova 5  - Moncalvo  - Asti

 3397168323 info@petandbreakfastmonferrato.com

CIR 00506900003

Paws Welcome
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